January 22, 2012

Forced sterilization is a shame to Sweden

It is a shame for Sweden when the practice of forced sterilization is still in use and still in accordance with swedish law. Allmost that is, as the practice was outlawed in 1975-76. The actual law that enforces the sterilization of transgendered people is from 1972. It does imply something when sterilization is forbidden to force upon humans, but not transgendered people (non-humans?). Via the the European convention and international conventions on human rights, as stipulated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is a shame upon the nation of Sweden to have a practice that forces a human being into a permanent sterilization against that persons will. It is not a medical necessity, it is not a medical treatment, but a political action that has been forced upon the transgendered population as part of a series of diagnostics and treatments that have nothing to do with medicine, nor psychology or psychiatry.

There is no reason for clinging to these obsolete laws and practices, it is against what is right and is breathing of a past we should never want to include into modern society again. This is the last remnants of a past and an ideology which strongly influenced parts of the World not least between 1920-45. In Sweden, it continued through to 1976 for several groups. Both the Sami and the Romani people could be put up for a forced sterilization up until that time. It´s called Eugenics, biology based on rase, a gender apartheid in practice still to day. It is a pure act of barbarism to continue the practise and transgendered people in Sweden are the last hostages to these crimes against humanity.

The Swedish church and the Christian Council (pdf):

"Vi anser därför att ett absolut krav för godkännande av könsbyte är att inga könsceller sparats sedan tidigare eller sparas före operationen."

Why is it that an attitude like this among Christians still persist, when it is absolutely abhorrent to any thinking person? An absolute criteria for any person to be rendered permanently sterile, without any dignity. To be rendered permanently sterile because of a change in legal gender, nothing more than a document that tells the legal gender of an individual. The largest problem for those who are acting towards a change of the law, are the christian fundamentalists in the governing alliance party Kristdemokraterna (Kd).
Minister Göran Hägglund (Kd) (translated):
"Then there is the difficult question of sterilization. Sweden recives a lot of criticism from a human rights perspective, but there are issues that need to be addressed. Today, we do not have a legislative proposal that is sufficiently sustainable, to be added as proposed to Parliament."
A proposition for a legislative order has been presented by Socialstyrelsen and has a broad support in the swedish parliament. It has a broad support in the transgender community. There is a transgendered person from the large muslim country of Indonesia applying for the post of Human Rights Commissioner.

"A high-profile member of Indonesia’s large transgender community has registered to become a member of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas-Ham)."

So why not give the swedish transgendered population their dignity and humanity back? There is no problem, beyond simply doing the right thing. It would rid Sweden of the shame of ignorance, cleanse Sweden of the indignity of fundamentalism, humbug and charlatanry. Rid Sweden of the shame of medieval ignorance and human rights abuses. It´s time to put an end to silence. It´s time for the alliance government to answer and to stand up for human rights. It´s time for the PM to start talking. What does Mr. Reinfeldt have to say about the issue at stake? Why the silence?

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