October 9, 2011

Roaming the streets of Bahrain

As few people cares about Bahrain; when few images and commentaries reach out to the public; does that mean that there are are no images and therefore nothing going on?
We are going to disprove that hypothesis, via both old and more recent pictures and videos. We choose not show everything we have, as that might endanger original sources in Bahrain. They risked their lives, imprisonment and torture to get hold of and deliver to us the material and to make it more public. People are being arrested and sent to prison for just being out on the streets or for documenting events around the nation. It is extremely dangerous to make any recordings of what is happening in Bahrain.

Why the silence? It's not that public media don't know what is happening. We have given massive documenation to several western media networks, and we know that they have several sources of their own. As they are speaking to some of our sources on a daily basis, we would want to encourage them to take steps to make public to the World what is really going on in Bahrain, during one of the Worlds most forgotten conflicts. We cannot understand why they choose not to publish what is happening on the streets of Bahrain, with only few exceptions.
nyheter24, SVT-Debatt [1], [2].

We know that Saudiarabia is heavily involved in the bahraini conflict. They have intervened twice in Bahrains internal affairs and has a permanent deployment of armed forces around the country. The swedish government can not be ignorant of these facts and of the ongoing human rights violations. Still, Sweden has got affairs with the Saudis, the royal visit by the King of Sweden to the Saudi royal court being just one of these.

This image shows a young man carrying the body of a 14 year old boy after he was killed by heavy gunfire originating from bahraini government forces. The boy was unarmed. The man on this picture was later arrested for carrying the body of the young boy and he was tortured as punishment for the crime of wanting to safeguard the kid and for wanting to take care of the remains.

Shotgun wounds after the use of bird pellets.

Police roaming free on the streets of Bahrain, shooting indiscriminately into civilian houses and homes. They are acting in a way that leads us to, without a doubt, conclude that the government has lost control over the situation, including control over police and armed forces.


  1. AND, we have also directly supported Bahrain with weapons. Part of the shipment in the so-called "Bofors-affair" went illegaly to Bahrain. Rules have changed now, and Sweden has re-supplied Bahrain since.

  2. Jan Björklund (Fp) the swedish deputy PM, says in an intervue to SvD;
    "Det är pinsamt att vi sålt vapen till Bahrain och Saudiarabien".

    He plainly is admitting Sweden is selling arms, to custumers that is not what we should support with arms